No. 79: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100: Matt Rexroad

Capitol Weekly | August 25, 2021 –

Matt Rexroad is the chief legal counsel for Redistricting Insights, a former Yolo County Supervisor and former legislative staffer. Rexroad is a key adviser to Republicans, including House Minority Leader, and Speaker-in-waiting, Kevin McCarthy. He has also become a leading business community consultant, even leading independent expenditures for several moderate Democrats in recognition of their increased role in protecting business interests. Rexroad is advising Republican office-holders and political action committees in California and in several other states. As the state looks toward new maps for 2022, Redistricting Insights is a key player. They are playing a lead role with business groups working to impact redistricting at the statewide level in California, including legislative and congressional line drawing, and working to monitor and influence the redrawing of multiple local government district maps being conducted under the new FAIR MAPS act. The firm is also crafting local political boundaries, much as it did in 2011. Outside of political work, Rexroad and his family are licensed foster care providers and he is a strong advocate for foster families.

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