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Vanguard’s Questionable Journalistic Ethics

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | | June 6, 2017 –  For democracy to work well we must have a free press, which is why it’s enshrined in the First Amendment. But with that freedom comes responsibility. Too often in our country’s history, yellow journalism has destroyed people’s reputations in order to sell newspapers.…

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Yolo County museum, YoloArts’ futures may be linked

Daily Democrat | February 18, 2017 – Efforts to aid one Yolo County organization may help another. For years, YoloArts staff have talked about finding a new home that can house the nonprofit’s collection and programs in one place, according to County Administrator Patrick Blacklock. There is even a pot of money long since set…

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Woodland Police Deserve Our Support, Not Suspicion

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | | February 19, 2017 – It is a tragedy when someone dies in an altercation with police – not only for the victim and his family, but also for the police officers involved whose lives will never be the same. Unfortunately, the tragedy is compounded when there is…

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Yolo’s child welfare system is slowly changing

Daily Democrat | February 15, 2017 – Supervisor Matt Rexroad spoke of his family’s personal journey through the county’s child welfare system as well as the reforms which are underway during the 23rd Annual Woodland League of Women Voter’s State of the Community Luncheon. Acting in December, Yolo supervisors began an overhaul of Child Welfare…

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As Oroville Dam threatens, people of goodwill step up

Sacramento Bee | February 12, 2017 – Questions abound in the midst of the Oroville Dam crisis. Why did inspections not detect flaws that led the huge concrete spillway to rupture? Why was the earthen emergency spillway not buttressed to handle a deluge of this season’s magnitude? Should state officials have insisted that urban and…

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Concerns About Prosecutorial Misconduct Are Overblown

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | | July 04, 2017 – A recent column by David Greenwald in The Davis Vanguard, “Justice Watch: Prosecutorial Misconduct a Felony in California,” applauds a new law in California that punishes a prosecutor with up to three years in jail for intentionally altering or withholding exculpatory evidence from…

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