Woodland Police Deserve Our Support, Not Suspicion

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | DavisVanguard.org | February 19, 2017 – It is a tragedy when someone dies in an altercation with police – not only for the victim and his family, but also for the police officers involved whose lives will never be the same. Unfortunately, the tragedy is compounded when there is…

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Concerns About Prosecutorial Misconduct Are Overblown

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | DavisVanguard.org | July 04, 2017 – A recent column by David Greenwald in The Davis Vanguard, “Justice Watch: Prosecutorial Misconduct a Felony in California,” applauds a new law in California that punishes a prosecutor with up to three years in jail for intentionally altering or withholding exculpatory evidence from…

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