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The Bee’s NIMBY Request on Worker Bill

Fox&Hounds | By Matt Rexroad | September 16th, 2019 –  It is easy to take a strong position against NIMBYism from an ivory tower, but it becomes much harder once there are real impacts on you. The Sacramento Bee’s Editorial Board recently took a decidedly NIMBY stance of their own by asking for special treatment on a…

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What is the benefit of Sites Reservoir?

The Daily Democrat | By Duane Chamberlain and Matt Rexroad January 29, 2018 –  Last week, state regulators released their initial findings for potential dam and reservoir projects that could receive funds from Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond passed by voters in 2014 in response to California’s record drought. The bond was approved…

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Is big infrastructure still possible today?

The Daily Democrat | By Matt Rexroad | November 27, 2017 –  Can California still successfully take on big projects or is that part of our history already over? As high-profile infrastructure projects ranging from high speed rail to the Delta Tunnels face an uncertain future, that’s a critical question that lies before our next…

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Laura’s Law is helping save people with severe mental illness

Sacramento Bee | By Matt Rexroad | July 15, 2017 – Laura Wilcox was a 19-year-old college sophomore on winter break working as a temporary receptionist at the Nevada County Department of Behavioral Health Services on Jan. 10, 2001, when a severely mentally ill man named Scott Thorpe shot and killed her. He killed two…

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Just say yes to the war on opioid abuse

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | Daily Democrat | July 06, 2017 –

In 1994, I trained for military school by swimming. When I did a flip turn in the pool, I felt immediate pain as I pushed off the wall. My hip and right leg felt like they were on fire.

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Vanguard’s Questionable Journalistic Ethics

Guest Commentary by Matt Rexroad | | June 6, 2017 –  For democracy to work well we must have a free press, which is why it’s enshrined in the First Amendment. But with that freedom comes responsibility. Too often in our country’s history, yellow journalism has destroyed people’s reputations in order to sell newspapers.…

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